• Sketching and painting is an art. Not everyone is gifted with it. No matter how much we would like to paint something, we cannot if we don’t have the talent to do so. In such circumstances or others like wanting painting for your home etc, we hire the services of a painter and/or someone who could sketch. Even if we want to get a portrait made, we look for talented painters.

    From the painter’s aspect, those professional or who paint and sketch as a hobby, putting oneself in the market is necessary. Unless one advertises the services that one provides, no one can contact them to avail those services. The same is the case with painters. No matter how good a painter is, if people and prospective customers do not know about them, how will they get work and earn their living?

    To make oneself known in the market, painters and sketchers can advertise with classifieds. These online mediums are many. One just needs to be registered user and place the advertisement of the service that they offer. In your homepage, describe the types of painting which are your niche along with other details like which type of color do you use or how long can you submit a work by and other relevant details like charges for the painting or sketch.

    Customers who are in search of painters and sketchers will contact those who have placed the advertisements and they can easily chat in the chat box or email each other or talk over the phone or meet to finalize what one wants and the charges for it. Those who have talent and can make a living out of it should avail the services of free classifieds where one can easily buy sell online.

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  • Business is very critical thing and running a business is hard to do thing because it requires lots of efforts to successfully run any type of business. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small or a big business because all types of business requires a same type of efforts but the work behind your business gives you an output based on your efforts and planning. Classifieds websites are great option to promote businesses online on the internet.

    Every business owner now a day choose free classifieds websites to promote their business because this is not just easy but also a free option which doesn’t require to invest any money to promote business online. Advertising on the internet is not easy thing because there are thousands of other competitors available who might also be competing for the same customer which you are approaching and trying to get from the internet.

    In this case you should understand how to approach the customer much better way which can help you grow your business faster and easier. The better decision you will make to run your business and promote your business the more clients you will be able to approach and get easily. Classified websites can be easily search through various classified listing websites which are very popular these days to find a list of classified websites.

    Even when you have started your business right now you can run this classified advertising campaign to let customers come to your door. The more customers you will have the more revenue you will be able to generate from your business. Every business has one rule that making more and more income from less efforts and assets is a sign of great businessman. Choosing a right advertising opportunity is very important to run your business easily.

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  • It is necessary for all businesses to keep a substantial budget for advertising. But in certain circumstances, this is not possible. Even when a small business is starting up, it has fewer funds. They look for ways of advertising which shall not hamper their limited budgets. For such a case, advertising on classifieds websites is a good alternative. An example of such websites is the widely renowned site OLX which has a global presence in more than 50 countries.

    So, what exactly is a classifieds websites and how to post free classified ads on it? The definition of such websites is that they have a number of categories in which registered users can either buy or sell products and services. To become a registered user of the site, it is quite simple. One does not need to be an expert in technology to register an account and post a classified in it through the registered account.

    Log in to the official sites of the classifieds websites you have chosen and click on – new registration. A new page will open in which you need to enter a few basic details like name, location, and contact information. Once this information is filled, click on the submit button. A code will be sent to your mobile number and enter that code in the space provided to verify the account. You have a new user account.

    Now, for postings classified ads on the website, one needs to log in to his or her account and click on the sell option. When that page opens, click on the category in which you want to sell. Fill in the details of the item to be sold and upload the photographs as asked. Do take clear and bright photographs to upload. Blurry photos will not make an impact on prospective buyers. When this information is done writing on the page, click the submit button and the classifieds ad is displayed on that particular free classifieds website.

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  • OLX is a website for selling and buying both used and new products. The user just needs to create an account which is free and place the free classifieds. This online platform also offers businesses to place advertisements for their products or services. The user has to agree to terms of use while posting advertisements. Also, duplicate advertisements are not allowed to be posted. Furniture Dekho is a site which has information about such sites in detail.

    OLX has eight categories in which a seller can list the item to be sold. If a seller is to sell old furniture online, OLX can be a good option to do so. With millions of registered in this site, the seller can get a good price for this old piece of furniture. With just a few clicks, the photographs of the piece of furniture to be sold can be listed along with relevant details of the item. As soon as it is posted, buyers can contact you at your given contact details. The seller then selects whom he will sell his listed item too. Both the buyer and seller meet at a pre-decided place and the item is hander over to the buyer by the seller and the seller gets the amount for the item.

    OLX Pune along with other cities in the country handles such transactions on a daily basis. Selling old items of the household like furniture, especially if you are planning to buy new ones is a good option and it has become very convenient with classified sites like OLX. By selling off old furniture and other obsolete items of the household, you not only clear off clutter from your home but also get a decent amount of it. It also feels good that the item is not thrown away but is useful to somebody else.

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  • Every day, there’s a lot of trade that goes on in the city of Delhi. Being a part of this is often difficult for individuals due to the competitiveness and market entry barriers. Thats why, most of us prefer selling their items through free classifieds.

    In the past few years, OLX has expanded its footprint across Delhi. Selling on OLX Delhi encompasses every part of the region - NCR, Noida, and New Delhi. There are millions of buyers in these areas, and most of them are willing to spend hurtfully for something they’d want. In fact, selling or buying on OLX is not a new trend in the city of Delhi. People have been using this portal for more than a year.

    The best way to sell something in Delhi is by posting a free ad on OLX Delhi. The free classifieds section on OLX, filtered down to your Delhi city, shows the most relevant items available for sale.

    From cars to furniture and clothes to electronics, OLX Delhi has a variety of things available for sale in their free ads section. And naturally, these ads are free and do not cost a thing for posting - which is why merchants and individuals both prefer posting free ads on OLX Delhi.

    All you need to do is sign-up to OLX, create an account and click on Selling. Then, you choose the option to Post Free Ads, enter details and images of your product(s) and that’s about it. In most cases, people need to wait for just about a week or two to find buyers interested in their goods. The main reason for such quick uptake is high population of individuals in Delhi that represents good disposable income.

    Every person who successfully sells one item through OLX Delhi is stoked to does it again. This retains a high traffic towards posting free ads and naturally gives several options for buyers to spend on.

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