• Buying old furniture online on OLX

    OLX is a website for selling and buying both used and new products. The user just needs to create an account which is free and place the free classifieds. This online platform also offers businesses to place advertisements for their products or services. The user has to agree to terms of use while posting advertisements. Also, duplicate advertisements are not allowed to be posted. Furniture Dekho is a site which has information about such sites in detail.

    OLX has eight categories in which a seller can list the item to be sold. If a seller is to sell old furniture online, OLX can be a good option to do so. With millions of registered in this site, the seller can get a good price for this old piece of furniture. With just a few clicks, the photographs of the piece of furniture to be sold can be listed along with relevant details of the item. As soon as it is posted, buyers can contact you at your given contact details. The seller then selects whom he will sell his listed item too. Both the buyer and seller meet at a pre-decided place and the item is hander over to the buyer by the seller and the seller gets the amount for the item.

    OLX Pune along with other cities in the country handles such transactions on a daily basis. Selling old items of the household like furniture, especially if you are planning to buy new ones is a good option and it has become very convenient with classified sites like OLX. By selling off old furniture and other obsolete items of the household, you not only clear off clutter from your home but also get a decent amount of it. It also feels good that the item is not thrown away but is useful to somebody else.

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