• Content Writer Jobs Vs Content Writing Services

    Doing a content writing jobs is easier than providing a content writing services, in this blog I will tell you why it is so difficult. Mostly people who do jobs often frustrated with their work because they don’t get the right treatment, they deserve from their seniors but this is not everything because doing job for living means money. Mostly jobs pay on time and you know that you get fixed payment for what you do at your workspace.

    But providing a content writing services is different than doing a job, it’s because when you provide a content writing services you are actually trying to become or you are an entrepreneur which means you will soon become a business person. Running a business is no joke because you get unlimited liabilities with business but at job you have only one liability which is finish your work on time and go home, that it.

    Most people often search jobs on different platform, some search one jobs portal like Naukri.commonster.com or some search on free classifieds websites. Both of the platforms are great for finding jobs, but it depends on you what exactly you want to use. Everybody has different expectation from their job which sometimes get fulfilled but sometimes doesn’t. Everybody who is looking for a job should try everything possible because sometimes they get a job from where they don’t think have chance.

    Providing content writing services can be possible either by searching for a platform to find clients online or you can also post free ads on classified website and those who are in need of content writing services will contact you directly. This is how classified advertising works; you post ad and people who are interested in your services contacts. This is an optional thing but you can also try upgrading ads to premium.

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